Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care Set System (Blue/Green) Price: $6.00 (as of 19/04/2021 22:28 PST- Details)


The Nuby Oral Care Set is a 4 stage system that may be perfectly sized to help offer protection to your baby’s primary teeth. These Nuby beginner toothbrushes promote the early development of good dental hygiene. The bristles on every brush are designed especially with a child in mind. The results of this special attention to detail is a product your child can use with ease. The Silicone Massager is designed for babies under 3 months of age and made of extra soft silicone with your baby’s comfort in mind. The hollow body make this massager easy to slip over parent’s finger to use on baby. Three different surfaces allow the parent more than one options for cleaning and soothing tender gums. The Massaging Brush #1 is designed for babies over 3 months of age. It has been specifically designed to feel soft on the baby’s gums. It allows parents to brush and massage gums gently. The Massaging Brush #2 is designed for babies over 11 months of age. This brush massages and helps clean all over the teething process. Also, this age is the ideal time to teach your child proper brushing habits and encourage the start of good oral health. The Nylon Bristle Brush is designed for babies with teeth. Ask your doctor or dentist about when to switch to the soft nylon brush once teething begins. And needless to say, until your child has the dexterity to do it alone, you will have to follow up with additional brushing, and so forth. until they’re older. All of these pieces have a place on the included stand that may be great for convenient use.

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